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Latest news

Rent the Runway CEO: Gender discrimination is larger workplace issue than sexual harassment
Jennifer Hyman runs a fast growing startup and helps women become successful in their businesses through Project Entrepreneur accelerator programs
(20.10.2017 23:26:06) lue koko juttu...
Vision is the next big challenge for chips
Neural engines are already showing up in phones and chipmakers are racing to develop more powerful hardware to meet demand for vision processing in a growing list of applications.
(20.10.2017 18:45:00) lue koko juttu...
Get a $1,000 software and services bundle for $49
Packed with tools designed for business growth, Briefcase offers tremendous value. There's just one catch.
(20.10.2017 17:56:00) lue koko juttu...
Elephone S8 hands-on: A solid, no-nonsense phone for business use
The Elephone S8 is a tri-bezel-less phone with a huge screen and a gorgeous glass back that is great for consumers and business users.
(20.10.2017 17:34:57) lue koko juttu...
Google expands tech startup acceleration projects in LatAm
The company is turning its São Paulo venue into a hub to foster ventures across the region.
(20.10.2017 16:40:00) lue koko juttu...
Hackers race to use Flash exploit before vulnerable systems are patched
APT28 threat group is moving fast in the hope that targets haven't yet installed a recently released patch to fix the recently uncovered exploit
(20.10.2017 16:01:42) lue koko juttu...
DIY-IT guide to disaster preparedness: Because it's always something
Between natural disasters and cyberattacks, IT managers have a big job ensuring business continuity. In this guide, we offer ten key strategies to help your organization weather Mother Nature's wrath and cyberattackers' latest weapons.
(20.10.2017 15:08:00) lue koko juttu...
​Russia experiments with using blockchain tech for land registry
Pilot project uses blockchain in Moscow.
(20.10.2017 14:43:18) lue koko juttu...
Post-Truth, book review: The facts about 'alternative facts'
Fake news has been around far longer than last year's US Presidential election and the Brexit vote, but the internet allows BS to spread further than ever.
(20.10.2017 14:19:31) lue koko juttu...
Scientists built this Raspberry Pi-powered, 3D-printed robot-lab to study flies
Researchers have released designs and software for neuroscientists to 3D print their own Raspberry Pi-powered fly lab.
(20.10.2017 13:46:00) lue koko juttu...
My week with Harman Kardon's Cortana-powered Invoke speaker
My "non-reviewer's review" of the Harman Kardon Invoke speaker that works with Cortana: A solid device, but still not something I want or need.
(20.10.2017 13:00:00) lue koko juttu...
Facebook Messenger adds PayPal as P2P payment option
PayPal has similar deals with Skype and Slack and reported strong growth in P2P payments in the last quarter.
(20.10.2017 13:00:00) lue koko juttu...
The robot revolution has already happened in a surprising number of industries (and it has nothing to do with AI)
Affordable robotic automation is now available to mom and pop shops, which is driving crazy growth in the robotics industry.
(20.10.2017 12:06:00) lue koko juttu...
Mac OSX Trojan malware spread via compromised software downloads
Supply-chain attack saw data-stealing Proton RAT loaded into legitimate downloads of Elmedia Player and Folx applications by Eltima Software.
(20.10.2017 11:51:57) lue koko juttu...
Asus VivoBook S15 S510UQ review: Attractive price and core spec, but battery life is a worry
The 15.6-inch VivoBook S15 offers a Core i7 CPU and a discrete GPU in a compact chassis, but some trade-offs have been made to achieve its competitive price point.
(20.10.2017 11:44:46) lue koko juttu...
Ubuntu 17.10: Hands-on with Artful Aardvark
There are big changes in the latest release of Ubuntu. Here are my experiences in installing it on a number of different computers.
(20.10.2017 11:33:04) lue koko juttu...
Android apps: Now Google will let you try before you install
Google rolls out a host of features to boost the appeal of Play Store app subscriptions.
(20.10.2017 10:55:43) lue koko juttu...
This robot-run 3D printing farm is the future of light manufacturing
Even small businesses are now running lights-out facilities using robots and automation
(20.10.2017 9:47:07) lue koko juttu...
Cisco snaps up machine learning outfit Perspica
The deal builds upon Cisco's purchase of AppDynamics earlier this year.
(20.10.2017 9:24:00) lue koko juttu...
Interim CIO jobs: The advantages - and disadvantages
Interim CIO roles mean different challenges to permanent CIO positions. Here are some of the benefits - and downsides - to taking a temporary CIO contract.
(20.10.2017 9:06:58) lue koko juttu...

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